Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weight Loss: End of Week 9

Good news to report. Down 3 lbs. from last week to 237. No idea why though. I'm still not on track. I need to get focused!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Goals for March

It's time to get re-focused on losing weight. I'm putting off dealing with some of the clothes issues, like cleaning out my closet, until I get things back under control with my diet. So here's what's up for the month:

  1. Lose 8 pounds, getting to 232.
  2. Write the "Dear Me" letter outlined in the Structure House plan.
  3. Read through the Structure House book again.
  4. 30 minutes on the exercise bike every day.

Weight Loss: End of Week 8

Ugh! I hate to even post this. I put two pounds back on. Shouldn't be surprised as I've been very lazy, not exercising and not watching what I eat. So I end February only one pound lighter than I started. Let's just wipe this month away and start fresh for March.


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