Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to Tracking

Although I'm continuing to stay on my diet and I'm sure I've lost more weight so far this week, I have slacked off of tracking my eating and activities over the last few days. Part of the reason is that my eating has gotten kind of repetitive so I know how many calories are involved and I can pretty much track it in my head. Part of it is also that the work has gotten busy and there's some family stress going on that's taking a lot of time and attention. I've gotten lazier about measuring things, and I know that can lead to bigger and bigger portions without noticing. I've also failed to get my 30 minute of exercise for the last three days.

So this morning I decided I needed to get back on track. I measured things and wrote them down for breakfast. I'm tracking my activities and I'm going straight to my exercise back when I finish this post.

The tracking is always something I struggle with on any diet. But I'm doing so well so far that I really don't want to blow it. I think I could hit my first 10-lb. milestone within a week or so. So I'll track it if it kills me! This time I will not fail!

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Sharon said...

Ah, tracking does work! I've reached a plateau and I'm tracking religiously this week.

Great job on coming close to 10 lbs.!

Pawsitive Art said...

I remember when I was dieting and had lost 30 pounds. I was so excited and all of my clothes were falling off of me. Then I met my worse half, got pregnant and have now gone 50 pounds in the opposite direction. Can't blame it on the baby..he's about to turn 2 years old.. *sigh* I REALLY need to get back on a diet again!

CherryPal: Computer Friend or Foe? said...

dieting is so difficult. honestly I cannot never do it but recently I'm getting more motivated



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