Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day After

OK, I did some celebrating yesterday. I decided the day before that the diet was going to go on a one-day hiatus for the Inauguration because I was invited to a party and I wanted to feel free to partake. And I did. I had a great time, ate a small slice or two of pizza (I can't remember which!), two helpings of salad with dressing, a piece of cake, one glass of champagne, and coffee with half-and-half. I enjoyed it all. And thankfully, when I weighed myself this morning, I found that I was still down at least a pound from where I was on Sunday morning. So no damage done!

And speaking of the Inauguration, I think Michelle Obama and Jill Biden looked fantastic in both their daytime and nightime outfits. These women have style! They will be a great inspiration in that way, as well as in many other ways.

What a great day! I'm still feeling a little buzzed by it all, but I'm ready to get back on track and back to work.


zoe said...

Hi hun,
Loving the blog and i love the give away idea.


Pawsitive Art said...

I would have had AT LEAST 4 pieces of that pizza. The salad wouldn't have even seen my plate. hehe I'm horrible!


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