Monday, January 5, 2009

Day One: Yes!

I stayed on the Structure House program all day yesterday! My total calorie count for the day was 1138. I had actually planned on eating slightly over 1200 calories but at the end of dinner, I just wasn't hungry enough to eat the pineapple I'd planned on. I got in my 30 minutes of exercise too. The only thing that I could have improved on was drinking water. That's always a hard one for me. But I feel really good about what I ate, and about the fact that when I was getting hungry in the afternoon and was tempted to snack, I did other things instead (gardening, went out to a bookstore). In the evening, when I'm usually most tempted to snack, I just read the paper, clipped coupons, and organized my coupon holder (while watching TV, of course). Because I didn't eat dinner until around 7 pm I wasn't really even thinking about snacking in the evening.

I think this plan may be really good for me. So many diets now emphasize healthy snacking, but I think for me the whole snacking process may be a bad idea. I think it may feel really freeing to break that habit.

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