Monday, January 12, 2009

Jewelry and Purses and Shoes, Oh My!

I think now that I've actually moved a few steps along my weight loss path, it's time to set up some rewards for myself. Here's what I'm planning on treating myself to for every weight loss milestone I reach:

  • Every 10 lbs. lost: A new pair of earrings or other piece of jewelry
  • Every 25 lbs. lost: A new purse
  • Every 40 lbs. lost: A new pair of shoes
Of course, "new" may just mean "new to me," since I'm trying to keep my budget in check. But I want my rewards to reflect that I'm trying to re-do more than just my weight--I'd like to change my whole style. New clothes will have to be purchased along the way anyway, but accessories are an easy thing to forget about. Making them my rewards will help ensure I pay attention to the whole picture.

And as for the ultimate reward, when I reach my goal weight of 130? I think I'll just think on that one for a while, 'cause it's going to have to be something really fabulous. Any suggestions?


Stephanie said...

How about a trip?

MMY said...

Oooh! That's a thought!

Sharon said...

I actually buy a beautiful silver ring for each 5 lb loss. I have three on my finger and it's a constant reminder of my weight loss. How about a brand new wardrobe when you reach goal?

MMY said...

I like the idea of the silver ring for each milestone. I'm hoping the wardrobe will happen bit by bit throughout the year. But I had another idea for the ultimate total weight loss reward--a new closet system to give me the closet of my dreams to put my new clothes in!

CherryPal: Computer Friend or Foe? said...

that's a great idea! although I'm not a big ring wearer lol



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