Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Unpredictability of Losing Weight

Losing weight is an interesting thing (read: frustrating, maddening, unreliable). For three weeks I stayed on track, being ever so careful to keep my calorie count between 1200 and 1300 per day. For two of those three weeks, I lost weight. The third week, not at all. Then this past week--I went a little crazy. I've eaten pepperoni pizza (a lot of it), fast-food burritos, chocolate, a milkshake even! I didn't exercise at all. wAnd when this morning I did an unofficial weigh-in, I was stunned to see that I was down another two pounds. How is that possible????

OK, so now I have to get a grip. I am one pound away from meeting my January goal and I've got one more day to do it in. So the plan for today is to go back to 1200 calories, do two 30-minute sessions on the exercise bike, and drink lots of water. I'm not sure that will be enough to kill that pound, but it's the best (reasonable) way to go.

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Carolyn G said...

That is fabulous!! You got to eat good food and still lost weight. Good luck on your goal. I have the same one but I am not doing that well. But that's because I am just lazy.

Stephanie said...

That's great. Your scale might not tell you that you've lost a pound after drinking a lot of water. However, chances are that the fat is gone and the excess water will take care of itself in a day or so.

Would you say that you have lost a size yet?

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