Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weight Loss: End of Week 3

Well, the word for the day is "zero." I didn't lose anything this week and I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Although I stayed on the food plan most of the week, I did go off of it on Tuesday and for dinners on Friday and Saturday. I also exercised only about two days this week. Lazy, lazy, lazy! I've only got one more week to get to my 10-lb. goal for the week so I better crank it up this week and get it right!

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Pawsitive Art said...

Don't get discouraged. Just because the scale isn't showing any loss that doesn't mean anything. Muscle weighs more than fat and if you're exercising you could be building muscle that isn't allowing the burnt fat to show on the scales. :D

CherryPal: Computer Friend or Foe? said...

it's okay! as long as you feel good that's all that matters :)



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